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"Pocket Parrots"
Companion Pacific Parrotlets

(Handfed & Socialized)
All American Yellow, Blue, Pastel (Lacewing) Turquoise (SF/DF), Fallow, Pied, Lutino, Albino & Green Parrotlets

Green Rump Parrotlet

More babies being handfed!
Ready for adoption in June/July

Blue Pastel Female Parrotlet   NovemberPletBabies2011
Green Rump Parrotlets
Taking requests for waiting list for
Green Rump Parrotlet Babies.
Call 407-310-9446

Call 407-310-9446 to reserve parrotlet(s)
or for additional information.

Baby Parrotlets
Updated Availability Coming Soon

Pacific Parrotlets Color/Sex
Green Male (Double Split)
Green Female (Double Split)
Blue Male (Double Split)
Blue Female (Double Split)
Blue Pied Female (Double Split)
Yellow Male (Double Split)
Yellow Female (Double Split)
Pastel Blue Female (Double Split)
Pastel Blue Male (Double Split)
Dilute Blue Male (Double Split)
Visual Turquoise Dilute Female, DF

Visual Turquoise, Female
Lutino, Female
Lutino, Male
Albino, unsexed baby

Now taking deposits/reservations
for June/July adoptions!

Orlando/Longwood, FL

2012/2013 Bonded Breeding Pairs

Call 407-310-9446 to request availability
of bonded pairs in Orlando.

parrotlet bonded pair

"Split" means carrying a gene for a color that is not visible in the bird, but will be produced if paired with mate with similar genetics.
"Bonded Pair", birds have been together and bonded since a very young age, but have not been setup with a nest to date.

Juvenile Parrotlets
Available for potential breeding pairs
Parrotlet Babies

Turquoise Female Parrotlet

Location: Longwood, Florida
Phone: (407) 310-9446

Shipping is available via Continental or Delta Airlines, weather permitting, C.O.D. to destination.

Birds will only be held with deposit (non-refundable).

Guarantee: 3 day grace period for Well Bird Checkup. Refunds made only for birds based on results of vetinary reports.

Checks, credit cards or payments through PayPal.

Wholesale Orders Welcome
orders of 3 pairs or more
call for prices

Green Pacific Parrotlet

Blue Parrotlet

Blue Parrotlet

All American Yellow Parrotlet

Pied Blue Parrotlet &,, 407-310-9446, fax 425-944-0700